Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Budgeting at Totals

The AX system has two level check for budget. 

  • Level 1: Budget control rule which works at the individual account + dimension combination level.  
  • Level 2: The budget group rule executes a secondary budget check. This is applied after the level 1 check is failed. This is performed at a summary of 1 or more accounts which is created using an entity called budget groups. 
To budget for a group of accounts as a block, we need to create budget group. The budget groups must be created on the **Budget control configuration ** page. The criteria that you specify must include the total main account and the range of accounts. The criteria can further be nested to accommodate multiple queries and when a group is considered then all the queries nested below it are accumulated before the check is performed. This provides enough flexibility to create complex budget groups.

It is also important to note here that sometimes when the budget registers are posted before the budget configurations are enabled, the budget control statistics might not be udpdate. AX now provided a period job to process any such budget register entries that have not been processed or were posted before the budget controls were enabled. 

To process any pending budget register entries we need to do the following: 

  1. We need to ensure that all the financial periods with the budgets are open. To open the financial periods you can go to General Ledger-> Ledget Setup -> Ledger Calender option. 
  2. Once the periods are opened then any pending registers can be processed using the periodic job in Budgeting -> Periodic-> Budget control data maintenance 
Please ensure that the budget control is enabled before the budget control data maintenance is initiated. 

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