Friday, May 01, 2015

AX 2102 No Sequences

AX 2012 Worker Contact Information

The address book framework in AX2012 comprises of quite a complicated schema. We might often be required to upload the contact information of the employees during an implementation as the bulk might be big enough to rule out data entry.

I had this requirement to upload the contact information of employees and ended up traversing the schema for the same here it is

select LEA.*
from HCMWorker W
inner join DirPartyTable DP
    on DP.RecID = W.Person
inner join DirPartyLocation DPL
    on DPL.Party= DP.RecID
inner join LogisticsElectronicAddress LEA
    on LEA.Location = DPL.Location
where W.PersonnelNumber = 'T00062'