Sunday, January 17, 2016

Permissions to Dimension Control

We had this issue in an implementation, where the payroll manager was not able to view the dimensions tab on the employment form. This tab was required to be filled in by the payroll manager to cost the right dimensions for the payroll. As the control is painted using a class and there is no MenuItem to grant permissions to, this particular case has to be resolved using explicit permissions.

Below is how the permissions were granted.

  1. Open the security Role using AOT, the one which requires the permissions to this tab. 
  2. In the Role node expand the permissions node and then browse to forms node
  3. Right click and add the form in question. You can also drag the form in this node if it is open in a separate window. 
  4. Once the form appears right click on the form and add new control. You can also drag the control called TabFinancialDimension onto the form, if the form is already open in a separate window.
  5. Once the tab has been added, select the tab and look up the property sheet and update the effective access property to a relevant value. 
The above case where explicit permissions are required to be granted to a specific control on a form occurs when the control property for need permission has been set to Manual. In all other cases once a permission to the form has been granted the same permissions are cascaded to all the controls on the form.