Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Browse For Folder in Navision

Navisions implementation of Common Dialog Box does not cater to Browse for folder. There is a small workaround for this although it is not very neat but it does the work. Below is the code for the same this is a function which returns the FolderName and DefaultFolderName is the parameter to the function.

IF DefaultFolderName = '' THEN
DefaultFolderName := 'C:\Folder'
DefaultFolderName := DefaultFolderName + '\Folder';

FolderName := CmmDlg.OpenFile('Select Folder'
, DefaultFolderName
, 4
, 'All File (*.*)|*.*'
, 0 );

//Truncate the file name from the path
Ctr :=STRLEN(FolderName);
IF COPYSTR(FolderName, Ctr, 1) = '\' THEN BEGIN
FolderName := COPYSTR(FolderName, 1, Ctr -1 );
Ctr -= 1;

The only thing we are doing here is that we are providing a default filename in the browse window thus the open button is enabled without waiting for the user to select a file name.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Arabic Data

Came across this client who wanted to capture the item descriptions in Arabic in addition to the english descriptions. Changing the System Keyboard alone does not help for this the following steps are involved.

1. Install Supplemental Language Support for this go to Control Panel -> Regional and Language options -> Languages Tab select the Install files for complex script and right to left languages.
2. In the input languages click on the details button and add arabic keyboard support.
3. Change the Language for Unicode Programs this can be changed from Control Panel -> Regional and Language options -> Advanced Options Tab.
4. Once the language has been changed the database collation should be change to support the new code page. For this use the alter database option -> Collation Tab and select the collation for the arabic language.

Now you are all set to save english and arabic in the Navision database.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

OnCreateHyperLink and OnHyperLink

Ever wondered about these triggers in navision and what they are meant for. Well Navision offers a facility to create links to the different objects within it. Using this feature a hyperlink could be created for a Form in Navision from the desktop. Creation of the hyperlinks is simple open the desired Form and then use the File -> Send to option to place a hyperlink on the desktop.

When the send to desktop option is used the first thing the option does is to call the OnCreateHyperlink trigger with the URL as the parameter. The URL parameter can be modified in the trigger giving one a control over what needs to be placed in the URL string. The OnHyperLink trigger is called when the form is accessed using this link and the URL is passed in the trigger.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

PrintOnlyIfDetail Property in Navision Reports

Figured out that this propery does not work if for a Dataitem if the child DataItem does not have a section defined in the section view. The way around was to create a section and use CurrReport.ShowOutPut(False) to suppress the section as well as make the PrintOnlyIfDetail property work in the desired manner.