Monday, September 19, 2016

Cannot create a record in Database log (sysDataBaseLog)

Encountered this error recently and this had bought the complete environment to a stand still as the implementation was making extensive use of database logs.

We did a full compile of the application but that did not help. Ultimately had to resolve to code debugging. I found this issue to be that of a duplicate RECID being generated for a record insertion into the sysDatabaseLog table

As we know that the seed value for RecID generation for a table is done using SystemSequences table. I hence found the max(RecID) from the SysDatabaseLog table and updated this value (incremented by 1) into the NextVal column of the systemsequences.

PS: Any changes to the systemSequences Table were only visible to the AOS post a restart.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Manage a cross server transaction without configuring MSDTC

Usually managing a transaction across two servers would require a distributed transaction controller being setup between the two server.

Below is a scenario where this is managed without a MSTDC configution.