Sunday, February 05, 2017

Read a given segment value for a given account from the GL

Assuming that one has to read all the values from a MainAccount '20151026' where the Employee dimension 'D6_Employee' = 'E0028'

Below is a sample job for the same 
static void Job10(Args _args)
    GeneralJournalAccountEntry          GJAE;
    GeneralJournalEntry                 GJE;
    FiscalCalendarPeriod                FCP;
    SubledgerVoucherGeneralJournalEntry SLVGJE;
    DimensionAttributeValueGroupCombination DAVGC;
    DimensionAttributeLevelValue            DALV;
    DimensionAttributeValue                 DAV;
    DimensionAttribute                      DA;
    SPYAmount                               claimAmount;
    HcmPersonnelNumberId                    personnelNumber = HcmWorker::find(5637146086).PersonnelNumber;
    while select *
    from GJAE
    join GJE   
    where GJE.RecId == GJAE.GeneralJournalEntry       
        && GJE.AccountingDate >= mkDate(1,1,2017)
        && GJE.AccountingDate <= mkDate(31,1,2017)
        && GJAE.MainAccount == MainAccount::findByMainAccountId('20151026').RecId
    join SLVGJE
        where SLVGJE.GeneralJournalEntry == GJE.RecId
        && SLVGJE.VoucherDataAreaId ==  curext()  
        //reading the individual segments of the entry
    join DAVGC
        where DAVGC.DimensionAttributeValueCombination == GJAE.ledgerDimension
    join DALV
        where DALV.DimensionAttributeValueGroup == DAVGC.DimensionAttributeValueGroup                   
        && DALV.DisplayValue == personnelNumber
    join DAV
        where DAV.RECID == DALV.DimensionAttributeValue
    join DA
        where DA.RecID == DAV.DimensionAttribute       
        && DA.Name == 'D6_Employee'        
        claimAmount += GJAE.AccountingCurrencyAmount;