Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Import a Department Hierarchy

Department hierarchy is one of the key elements of implementing the AX 2012 HR solution.

In this example I have used the DIXF framework for data import. The first thing that i realized is that once a hierarchy is imported it appears as a draft version which has to be published. So don't get worried when you import a hierarchy and you don't see the changes visually on the hierarchy.

The table that stores the import from the DIXF is OMREVISIONEDIT. This can be confirmed looking at the definition of the Organization Hierarchy entity in the DIXF module.

The first issue i encountered is that my legal entity was not getting attached to the department as per the csv file created. As a result i explored the transformation class in DIXF called "DMFOMHierarchyEntityClass" and looked at the function establishing the link called "generateOmParentLink" it didn't take me time to realize that the function was expecting the dataareaid instead of the name in case the organization unit was of type "legal entity"

Once updated success was on its way.

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