Saturday, January 31, 2009

There is no value entry within the Filter

Well this is the error we received at one of the customer sites when they were executing the famous adjust cost batch job. Did some real head breaking into this one and discovered that when the Inventory setup has been set as:
1. Average Cost Calc. Type = Item
2. Average Cost Period = Month

The error was something like:
There is no Value entry within the Filter
Filters : Item No: 1100053749, Valution Date: 01/01/09..31/12/08

On debugging we found the error was being caused by an FINDSET; statement which was issues in the following Codeunit:

Codeunit : 5895, Inventory Adjustment
function : AvgValueEntriesToAdjustExist(OutbndValueEntry;ExcludedValueEntry,AvgCostAdjmtEntryPoint)

Got around the issue after a detailed profiling of the code and found that when the valuation date changes and a new filter is being evaluation in the code it somehow caused caused a wrong filter on the Value Entry Table the code snipped was as shown below

IF "Valuation Date" > CalendarPeriod."Period End" THEN BEGIN
CalendarPeriod."Period Start" := "Valuation Date";

How i managed to get around the issue was to add one line here as shown below:
IF "Valuation Date" > CalendarPeriod."Period End" THEN BEGIN
CalendarPeriod."Period Start" := "Valuation Date";
AvgCostAdjmtEntryPoint."Valuation Date" := "Valuation Date";

I finally concluded that the problem was encountered when a value entry record was found for a new financial year (2009 in this case) and there were no records for the previous year end (December 2008).

If we look at the code GetValuationPeriod(CalendarPeriod) in Table 5804 "Avg. Cost Adjmt. Entry Point" at the end of the function the following lines were setting the values to be used to set the filter :

IF FiscalYearAccPeriod."Starting Date" IN [CalendarPeriod."Period Start"..CalendarPeriod."Period End"] THEN
IF "Valuation Date" < FiscalYearAccPeriod."Starting Date" THEN
CalendarPeriod."Period End" := CALCDATE('<-1D>',FiscalYearAccPeriod."Starting Date")
CalendarPeriod."Period Start" := FiscalYearAccPeriod."Starting Date";
All we did was to set the valuation date so that it does not evaluate to less then the Financial Period."Start Date"

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Sajid Hanif said...

Hi Santosh,

In My opinion this will effect your average costing of the items. The proper solution is not to edit the code but to create the fiscal account periods correctly. As the code is standard and have many other impacts. Please make it a practice not to edit any standard coding until you are confirmed to do so from Microsoft.
Best Regards,