Friday, January 30, 2009

Navision Filters

We all know the basics of Filters now lets turn to some advanced ways of using and understanding filters.

? which can be used while building a filter to substitute one unknown character pretty much like the Wildcard Characters used in DOS days

@ which can be used to ignore the case of the text being searched for
thus @co* would search for anything beginning with Co , cO, CO or co followed by any character as indicated by an asterix.

There has been some other types of filters which are referred to in Navision code with commands like FIND('=><') OR FIND('=<>')

1. '=><' when the above three expressions are combined it would stand for. If equal '=' rec is not found, search for a record which is smaller '<' and if smaller rec is not found search for a rec which is bigger '>' basically means find anything which was used in olden days to check if the rec filter was empty or not.

2. '=<>' this would translate to find something "equal to" or "not equal to" which means "find anything" similar to the command above

Today we also have ISEMPTY commmand to determine if a recordset is empty.

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