Sunday, November 20, 2016

SSRS Report UI Builder

UI Builder report is used to manipulate the request form rendered by the AX framework before a report is executed. The request form for a report is generated by the framework based on the meta data provided by the contract class.

 Below are the steps that are required to manage the User Interface of a report
  1. Create a UI builder class by extending the class SrsReportDataContractUIBuilder.
  2. We will have to create event handlers for the control on the report contract. 
  3. The event handlers created in step 2 will have to be attached to the control created  by the reporting framework using the PostBuild method of the UIBuilder class.
  4. The contract class has to be modified to include a reference to the UIBuilder class. This is done by including the SysOperationContractProcessingAttribute on the contact class declaration.

class STPLedgerBalanceReportUIBuilder extends SrsReportDataContractUIBuilder
    STPLedgerBalanceReportContract contract ;

public void build()

    Contract      = this.dataContractObject();  

public void lookup(FormStringControl _control)
    container cnt;

    Query query = new Query();
    QueryBuildDataSource    qbds, qbdsCI;
    QueryBuildRange         range, rangeDA;

    qbds = query.addDataSource(tableNum(USERDATAAREAFILTER));
    range = qbds.addRange( fieldNum( UserDataAreaFilter, User) );
    range.value( SysQuery::value( curUserId())) ;

    qbdsCI = qbds.addDataSource( tableNum( CompanyInfo) );
    qbdsCI.addLink( fieldNum( UserDataAreaFilter, DataArea) , fieldNum( CompanyInfo, DataArea) );

    if ( Global::hasTableAccess( tableNum( STPRowDefinitionLine) , AccessType::Delete) == false )
        rangeDA = qbds.addRange( fieldNum( UserDataAreaFilter, DataArea) );
        rangeDA.value( SysQuery::value( curext()) );

    qbds.fields().addField(fieldNum(USERDATAAREAFILTER, DataArea));
    qbdsCI.fields().addField ( fieldNum( CompanyInfo,Name) ) ;

    SysLookupMultiSelectGrid::lookup(query, _control, _control, cnt);

public void postBuild()
    DialogField     companyList;

    companyList = this.bindInfo().getDialogField( this.dataContractObject(),  methodStr(STPLedgerBalanceReportContract, parmCompanyList) ) ;

          methodStr(FormStringControl, lookup),

 public void getFromDialog()

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