Tuesday, November 01, 2016

AX2012 EP Pass Record context beween EP forms

Requirement : Open one modal form from another and pass the context.

The best way to pass the context is using the Dataset init method of the relevant table. In my case i had to pass the InventJournalTrans table's reference from a grid to a new form, where the details would be entered. Below are the steps for the same.

Step 1: Create the init method in the relevant table under the dataset.

The definition of the init method would be as follows:
public void init()
    Common              callerRecord = element.args().record();

    if ( callerRecord.TableId == tablenum(InventJournalTrans) )

Once the above is done we are sure that a filter would be imposed on the database if the calling form is sending the record context of the InventJournalTrans table.

Step 2: Is to ensure that a record context is passed from the source. We first create a new sharepoint page with a new web control and render a presentation that we want to be displayed.

A url type of WebMenuItem would be required to point to the newly created sharepoint page and the new userControl created. Create a new webMenuItem as shown below

Step 3: Attach the menu item in the parent UserControl such that it has the right context. In my case it happens to be a grid control which has a toolbar attached to it. So simply drag the url menu item to the relevant webmenu, which in this case is AFZEPInventJournalLineToolbar