Thursday, October 15, 2015


Recently i moved from a HDD to a SDD the results are fantastic. I now boot my windows in less than 20 seconds. This led me to investigate further on SDD drives and understand what else can i do to have a good performance with my laptop (and obsessed i am with performance).

The first thing i understood is that to have a good life for the SSD we should try and limit the no of reads and write. Once of the potentials areas where this can be limited in the temp work folder for windows and internet explorer.

The solution is to create a RAM disk and move the temp contents to this disk. Obviously this would also mean that we will have to find a solution to persist the contents of the RAM Disk which otherwise looses its contents on a restart.

I landed on an application call imdisk which is a freeware and does the job pretty well. Along with imdisk we need a utility called rawcopy to store the contents of this disk on a shutdown. The right solution would be to automate the two events, for this we would need two batch files in windows called shutdown and startup respectively. The details of these files are as follows:-

contents of the shutdown batch file
C:\RAMDISK\rawcopy.exe -mld \\.\R: "C:\RAMDISK\RDrive.img"

contents of the startup batch file
imdisk -a -t vm -f C:\ramdisk\rdrive.img -m R:

These files can be scheduled either using the windows task scheduler. Alternatively an entry can be made in the group policy (gpedit.msc) under
Local Computer Policy -> Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Scripts

Double click on Startup or Shutdown applets on the right pane and add the batch files therein.

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