Monday, January 23, 2012

Debugging Navision Employee Portal

After a long time today i had a chance to work on the Navision portal the need was to debug a problem as we know the navision really is a 2-tier application and the NAS is only the Navision client running in stealth mode as a service i remember having debugged this application server in the past but was lucky enough to recapitulate the same here is how it is done.

1. Stop the NAS server from the management console
2. Create a new codeunit in the navision client
3. In the run method of the new codeunit instatiate and execute the StartNAS method of the 6810 codeunit with a parameter 'NEP-1' or whatever you have used in your instance of NAS; it should display a message stating that the service has started.
4. That's it the debug mode is now enabled within the navision client now just enable the debugger and start debugging.

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