Thursday, September 09, 2010

Remote scan during linked table Update

Faced this issue while building an interface from a SQL Server to a remote MYSQL database. We had a set of insert, update statements to synchronize a set of table however the update statements were taking forever to execute. On analyzing the execution plan we got to know that there was a remote scan being performed for each update which was slowing down the update as for each row update a remote scan for 6500 rows was being performed. On investigating further i found that this is a documented behaviour and what MSDN says is:

For linked server DELETEs or UPDATEs, SQL Server retrieves data from the table, performs any filtering that is necessary, and then performs the deletes or updates through the OLEDB rowset. This processing can result in a round-trip to the remote server for each row that is to be deleted or updated

SQL Server 2000 adds the ability to send a DELETE or UPDATE to a linked server as a single SQL statement; however, this feature only covers linked servers to another SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 7.0 instance

Please refer knowledge base article

So the only option we have to update without any performance overhead on the remote server is if we use stored procedures for insert and udpates so that the actual filtering and update is actually performed on the remote server rather then in a rowset at the local server.

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