Monday, April 19, 2010

AX 2009 Document Management FilePath

We are doing this project where it is required that the attachments are stored into a folder on the HDD now thatz a default configurable parameter in AX the complication is that in this case we are expecting the attachment size to be huge so much so that it exceeds the storage capacity of the server.

Well in the modern world no one takes a decision of making a change in the system to accomodate for such a scenario as the easiest option is to increase the storage space but in this case it seems that we do not have an option to further expand the storage on the server and once the server disk is filled up the only option is to either get a new server which has more slots to push more HDD's or to backup the files onto a different server.

AX allows us to configure a folder path for each file type but the issue is that it only maintains the file name in the transaction tables and the path is maintained in the parameter table which means if the path is changed at a later date AX will not be able to trace the old attachements coz when those were made the path was different

I found where my attachments for a customer were being stored and realized that the path was being referred to from the parameters table and the full file name with path was being build in a function in the docuref table called completeFileName

select DV.FileName, DV.FileType, DR.* from docuref DR
inner join docuvalue DV
on DR.ValueRecId = DV.RecId
where RefTableId = 77
and PartyId = 191

so the solution in this case is that we decide to store the file path with the file when the attachments are made so that the system remembers multiple paths for the files.

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