Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Configuring SQL Mail

I have been using SLQ mail for sending mails for quite some time and i find it the easiest way to configure notification from SQL server below are some points to be borne in mind while setting it up.
1. The Account being used to start SQL Server Service should be the same account which is used to set up the outlook profile.
2. If domain is configured then domain account should be used for the above step.
3. Log into the server with the account used to start the SQL server, thereafter install and configure Outlook mail account.
4. Assign the outlook mail profile in the SQL mail section and you are done.

The account configured in Outlook should be an exchange account if the account is an internet account then it will require the outlook application to be open on the server as in case of internet accounts there is no local mailbox which can store the mails and maintain a queue.

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