Saturday, December 01, 2007

Creating Navision Shortcuts

Well we had this situation when the client wanted a given navision task to be schedule every night and they didn't have the license for the Navision Task Scheduler so it clicked we could use the navision shortcuts to launch navision using windows scheduler and execute the desired object.

Creating Navision Shortcuts

servername=Name of the server

database=Database Name

company=Company Name

id=The name for the user setup file

nettype= Netb, TCP, TCPS


This program property allows you to specify that the database has read access only.
This prevents other users from entering data into the database

You can use this program property to test the consistency and integrity of the

The Commit Cache program property allows Dynamics NAV to postpone writing the information stored in cache on the server to the database until later. Storing this information in cache allows Dynamics NAV to work faster.


objectcache=CacheInKB ( More than 0 KB and less than 1,000,000 KB )
The Object Cache property increases the speed of the program. Objects such as code,
descriptions and windows that will be used on the client computer are stored in the
object cache. This means that the client computer only needs to retrieve these objects once from the server, and then they will be stored in the object cache. The client computer must have enough memory to store the objects while they are being used in order to benefit from the object cache

When Dynamics NAV is running it creates a number of temporary files, which are
automatically deleted when you close the program.

You use this program property to specify how any error messages that are generated
during a database test are managed. They can be displayed on the screen or stored in
the Event Log or in a text file


navision://client/run?servername=SANTOSH\MRMS&company=Global Link Communications LLC&database=GLC-2507&target=Form50061&servertype=MSSQL

if you are thinking how to launch the url using the command shell then its easy just use the command start as cmd.exe does not recognize commands with protocol

start navision://client/run "servername=SANTOSH\MRMS&company=Global Link Communicatio
ns LLC&database=GLC-2507&target=Form50061&servertype=MSSQL&ntauthentication=1"

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