Monday, August 27, 2007

Automate Log

Well the Audit logs functionality of Navision does not work for any modifications made to the data via CAL code. There could be specific instances where even thought the changes are made using the CAL code it might still be desired to log it in. Well there is a solution to it.

what one would need is two recordRef variables one of these variables would store the field values before modifications and the other would store the values after modification. Additionally we would also need a variable of the "Change Log Management" codeunit.

The xRecRef should be populated before any changes are commenced using a command like xRecRef.GETTABLE("Sales Price");
make sure that the desired record is the current record at this point.

After all the manupulations are done using the other reference variable to populate the new values using a command like:
RecRef.GETTABLE("Sales Price");

and then call :


this would ensure that the modifications are logged into the navision audit tables.

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